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Sunday, January 5, 2014


Can't quite believe, and I feel a little old every time I say this, another year has passed.  It's 2014 already?

  I'm not sure exactly what the best approach to a new year is...a set of .new resolutions?  All the fun of imagining what the new year will bring us?  Right now I'm still feeling a little like I imagined too much for 2013 and I'm going to try to keep it simpler or at least plan a little less what this year will be.
  I've been thinking a lot about choices...saw some sayings and quotes on Pinterest recently that sparked my interest.  One was something to the effect of how we want to be measured by our choice not by chance.  Since 2013 seemed to be my year for the chance, I'm not sure how much I agree with that.  And yet, I'm still hoping that it is true, to a degree.  There is chance, but even when we factor in that unknown variable we still must choose.
  Anyways...a little time off and I start musing too much again!  We had a pretty great break.  Just the right amount of relaxing and work and family and friends.  I'm feeling ALMOST ready to get back to schedule, although I'm already dreading the alarm ringing tomorrow morning!

These were some fun cookies we made for moose for library school.  I used my sugar cookie recipie and added the rest from this Pinterest link.  I do have to say I make good sugar cookies, but like a lot of cookies I think the thing to do is use lots of real butter.
Reindeer Cookie Inspiration via Rebekah's Pinterest
  We also made these grinch kabobs for M&M's class that were quickly devoured.  Always fun to sneak a little fruit into the party!
Grinch Kabobs via Rebekah's Pinterest

 I did this fun project with my mom while she was here, and the bow is thanks to her crafty skills.  We had a lot of trouble finding a good pinterest link for a burlap wreath that gave instructions, so we turned to good old Google and came up with this one from Life on Mars.

 My last project of the break was to get the bathroom done.  Well we are closer anyways.  Dad finished the drywall, so I was able to paint and I got a few new decor items as a reward!  I also had hubby and a brother-in-law do some trim on Boxing Day so I had fun starting the painting of that.  Of course they ran out of pieces before they could finish around the door and under the bathroom window, so my almost finished room is still a little lacking, but I take what I can get!

Hope your break was as enjoyable as ours and you are ready to face this New Year!

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