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Thursday, June 14, 2012

House update...long while coming!

I know I haven't posted in awhile... Okay several months, but I do have some excuses! Firstly, I had this cute little post about moving out of our house and onto making memories in a new one. Then it disappeared and I got really frustrated! I was waiting on a picture of the kids in front of the old house, that I never ended up taking and voila post disappeared into the recesses of my phone. So much for the blogger app!

So in addition to moving out of 380Limit St. I've been working full time, since April.  However, when I started it was only for a 5 week term. The first month turned into two and now I'm working until school's done! But no complaints, we sometimes have to run with the cards we're dealt!

Renovating certainly takes time, and I think we are going to have to push our deadline of moving into the new digs back. End of June just isn't looking so promising. But we have gotten a lot accomplished other than just ripping and tearing! We bought a kitchen off kijiji for a good deal (granite counter, fridge, and stove included)! Plus our drywaller has been moving things along. We are in the midst of mudding and sanding!
My dad's been up to do a lot of work, too. After ripping five layers of flooring out of the kitchen and bath (an addition on the back of the house, he decided we needed to remove the old floor joices and install new ones! He's also done a bunch of plumbing so we can have a master bath upstairs! There was some jacking and a beam to be put in downstairs, which he oversaw.

Next move is to get the kitchen ready to drywall and start the verandah around the front so we can get windows in without worrying about them being damaged. I'll try to keep everyone updated!

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