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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Still the little things!

It's really the little things that matter in life. You've heard it before and you will hear it again. And so it is in remodelling...the little things are important. Not only do they slow you down (and I mean way down) but if you don't do them right the first time they lead to bigger problems later.
So we've had some setbacks with silly little things like plumbing a line here or figuring a wire out there, but overall we are getting alot closer to move in day!
Doors are in. Well to be truthful they were in, but now they are back out to get painted. Which was a fiasco since electric paint sprayers are terrible inventions!
Floors are in everywhere but the kitchen and bath where we want to put ceramic tile. Really makes those rooms look finished, that is until someone sprays sawdust everywhere! Which is a daily occurrence. Good thing tommy is such a great vacuumer!
Kitchen is getting closer. As of today I have a kitchen faucet that works, until it starts to leak out the line for the dishwasher, which is sitting in the living room. Stovetop is wired in and oven is set to get a wire run! There are a few outlets left to wire, microwave to install and a bit of countertop, plus a whole lot of scrubbing and unpacking!
Outside is looking good too! Porch is mostly finished! Needs a few more shingles in the mud room, some flashing, and that exterior house wall still needs a paint job.
Currently, blogging on the way back from Sudbury with another door and a whole lot of other stuff, so things should shape up by Friday! Or hopefully they will since my dad is headed back home then. I have a feeling it's going to go from construction mess to lived in mess fairly quickly.

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