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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Best of 2011

As have others, I too have been thinking about some New Year's Resolutions.  However, when I went back and read last year's, it was a little like the list I've been thinking of in my head.  Not that I failed miserably, but aren't those things we want to get the upper hand on always a constant battle?  Last year, being home on maternity leave for about 9months, before I went back early, made me appreciate spending time with the kids and by bedtime be so grateful that they go to bed an hour earlier than us!  Still, consistency is the best disciplining tool, and I'm thankful this year for little reminders about it's use!  And that goes for me too...
  This year, I want to work on listening more and talking less.  Listening to the crazy funny things my children tell me, or are starting to, as is Tommy's case.  Listening to friends, when they need an ear.  Listening to my husband, rather than talking (in a higher pitch than necessary), because I know when I do listen and not stress, he always explains away the situation and I see reality.  Listening....there are many voices to listen too, but I also want to work to listen to the right one.

As for our favorite moments from 2011-Here goes--And as I was reading last year's list, I kept thinking: "What that wasn't this year?!"

1.  Family Vacations were definitely the Toppers here- in July we went away for a week with my parents and sister to some scruffy cottages about an hour and a half north of here on Lake Onaping.  We had electricity, but no cell phone coverage.  The guys fished and we mostly relaxed, although the beach did leave a little to be desired.  Luckily, it was only about an hour from shopping, so we did go to the mall one day.  We are already planning our spot for 2012.
2.  Mexico with Brad's parents was also a highlight.  It has been 2 years since we went to Mexico, so it was really nice to go someplace warm just as the weather started to cool off here.  Emma had a blast, between the markets and the dolphins at the resort.  Iguanas were also a big highlight.  It was nice to have a week together, which some other vacations actually don't involve that much family time because everyone goes off to do their own thing.  And not having to cook for a week....we were RELAXED!
3.  7 year anniversary--and I actually can't really remember where we even ate.  I know we tried to watch a movie, but everything was super late, so we ended up home early, with two kids our favorite babysitters had gotten asleep for us....:)
4.  This year we got to Ironbridge--which had something missing since my parents didn't make it with school getting out later than usual--and Vanderbilt--where we camped in my parent's trailer instead of doing it hillybilly style in the snowmachine trailer like normal.  The bed wasn't so comfortable, but at least we were warm and Brad and Jamie who came late didn't have to add in the time of towing the trailer too. 
5.  Buying a new/old house has been exciting too.  Right now it feels a little like we're stuck in some kind of no-one has really bit on our house and we aren't progressing on the renos.  However, we haven't given up hope that everything will move more quickly than we want very soon.  There have been several people looking at our house, so once spring starts to appear we have been assured there will be more movement in a market.  We are very glad our town isn't like many we've heard about in the south!  We discovered a leaky roof that would have put a halt to our drywalling upstairs anyways, but there are some things we will get the contractor working on over the winter.  Yes, this could be a post in itself, so when I get a chance I promise to get some pics together and let everyone know where we stand. 

Being together with all of our family at various times during the holidays makes us thankful for good family and friends!  Happy New Year!

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  1. Another well crafted blog......thanks for sharing. I should work on listening more this year too. Inspiring. :)


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